Welcome to Ocean Blue Media!

My name is Irene Lay, I am a Social Media Marketing Consultant and founder of Ocean Blue Media Inc.

A place where we help business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and experts to create and design their website and build their social media marketing programs.  So they can be easily found online, connect with customers, build their brands and increase sales – and to do so simply, easily and effectively!


You see, we’re a lot alike – we both love building a life doing what we love!  And I’m thrilled you’re here!

Like you, we are excited to be able to provide the insights and know-how to our clients that translates into building their brand, increased sales and growth.

No doubt building a tribe of followers through social media, a blog, a website, or marketing campaigns, etc. can be overwhelming and stressful for the best of us – in the beginning it was for me.  And just when you think you’ve got it, it all changes!

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Well, not anymore!  As a social media marketing consultant, I create a dead-simple blueprint of your online presence then, together, we design and implement it across all your online platforms – website, blog site, video, and social sites – with less stress and zero drama because ONLINE VISIBILITY is about getting found where your customers are searching for you!

Let Me Tell You My Story…How I Got Here…And Where I’m Taking You!

I grew up in a very blue-collared household.  My dad was a welder and my mom a seamstress.  My dad instilled in us (6 kids..yeah, it was a hectic household at times) that we could be whatever we want if we have the right attitude.

It reminds me of Zig Ziglar’s quote…and life challenges proved that true.

“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life: it is how you handle what happens to you.”

~Zig Ziglar

Work Experience

In a marketing position at a large corporation, I found my passion for marketing.  Back to school I went to complete my business management at the University of Alberta with a focus in marketing.

However, as with most large corporations, changes began and options were limited.  I had some serious decisions to make.  I found myself reflecting on my late dad’s words of “having the right attitude” and good ol’ Zig’s words, “…it is how you handle what happens to you.”

So with my little box of “work stuff” in my arms, I ventured out to a new beginning. Marketing was fast changing with social media – people were communicating on a whole new level.  No matter what businesses, entrepreneurs or professionals were selling their customers were searching them out and “chatting” about it in the marketplace – the social sites.

And VOILA! That was my new direction – social media and online visibility is the new marketing.  It was a total culture shock at first but I LOVED IT!  Social is a people business, and I am a people person!  The best marketing strategy ever is to care!

With my passion in hand, I set out to learn all there was to learn about online marketing, online campaigns and followup, online visibility and presence. I attended some of the best events and learned from the best!

Some of the top performers of the industry were my teachers, trainers and mentors:

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Mike Keonigs – 2009 Marketer of the Year


Andy Jenkins – Video & Webinar Genesis


John Pierce – Search Engine Optimization


Mari Smith – Facebook Expert


Melonie Dodaro – LinkedIn Expert


Jeff Johnson – YouTube Expert


Ryan Diess – Email Marketing Expert


Brendon Burchard – Total Product Blueprint


Pam Hendrickson – Content Strategist Expert

… and the list continues, because social media isn’t slowing down. It’s where people are – your customers, our customers.

I also took courses in:

WordPress – for websites including the latest responsive themes.  I learned the practical and theory aspects from an amazing man who showed me what courses couldn’t.


Photoshop CS5, Adobe Elements 12, Aperture – for graphic designs, logos and skills needed for designing websites and social platforms.

And, It Has A Happy Ending…(Hint: You’re In It!)

Today, everything I do – from building and designing websites with my team to blogging and posting on social sites – it is all about helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and experts LIKE YOU get results.

I believe that everything from your website to your social media is crucial to business today, and I believe it all needs to be connected together. What I don’t believe is that it needs to be stressful or overwhelming to you.  Seriously!  In fact, why don’t you sign up here and get my website and social media updates every month starting now! There’s lots of tips and learn-tos that are a BIG help!

And thank you, thank you, and thank you for stopping by.  YOU are my business. And my business is to help YOUR business thrive!

Here’s to connecting all the dots on the “interwebs” – simple, easy and effective!


P.S.  Normally, you’ll find me passionately pounding away on the keyboard or designing on a program, but on occasion I’ve been known to sneak away and “shoot people, places, and things – in high resolution” with my camera! 🙂 You might also see me with my fingers made into a square placed over my left eye, framing an amazing scene.  The world is stunningly beautiful!

And of course, a good book, a tall, cool beverage on a beautiful, sandy ocean beach with plenty of palm trees and the big, beautiful sun warming my face, is always a wish on my calendar!