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At Ocean Blue Media we help YOU build your custom website design!

Your website is the virtual front door to your business and an integral part of your business.  In most cases, it is the first impression and experience your customer will have with you and your brand. We get you involved in building your website design to make sure it showcases your work, reflects your brand, attracts your customers and increases sales!  After all, that’s why you have a website on the internet.

Although it should be relatively obvious that a business needs to have a web presence.  What is not always clear or evident, however, is that this presence needs to be up-to-date, as modern as possible, easy for customers to navigate, find what they came looking for, and most importantly, to connect with you.


What Does A Custom Website Design Include?

A well designed, informative and modern website can make a world of a difference to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, author or expert your website design will be:

Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly – we use only the most modern, responsive and mobile friendly WordPress designs and themes – the best open source content management system.

Organized Content – review your content inventory then organized it on your website in a clear and easy format.

Simple Navigation – navigation bar should be simple and easy to navigate from a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Easy to Scan – make good use of headings and bullets with a variation of text.

Relevant High Quality Images & Graphic Design – an important element to website design. We use only High Definition and Resolution images.  Our graphic designers can design your logos, banners and posts if requested.

Call To Action – determine the primary goal of your website and create call to actions to achieve that goal.

Search Engine Optimized – a good balance of your business’s keywords that will be found by search engine and increase your traffic. Outsmarting Google’s algorithms days are over.  Today, content strategy is valuable, not tricks and links.

Site Maintenance – a very important, yet a much neglected aspect of website owners – that’s why we automatically include it.   Our monthly maintenance will keep your site up-to-date, safe and secure. We will always keep an offsite backup so your site will be as professional as you are.

You Own It

At Ocean Blue Media we well know, that your website is one of your most valuable assets as a business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert or coach. We want to make sure you own it and are never held hostage to it.

We make sure YOU OWN your:

DOMAIN NAME – YOU own your domain name and YOU retain total control over the calling card of your website.
HOSTING – YOU own your hosting at any one of the well known, reputable, reliable hosting companies.
CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – YOU own your WordPress theme.  The software that allows a website owner to edit their own website, including content, images, videos etc.
TRAINING – Since you OWN your website you should be able to edit it whenever your business requires it.  So, we train you to make your changes, edits, update, add images and write your blogs whenever the need arises.  All on your own.

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