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Web video marketing and production is one of the most powerful online marketing tools!  The play button is becoming the most compelling “call-to-action” on the web.

Fascinating statistics show that the “play button”  has made 2015 The Year of Video Marketing according to HighQ and the coming years are expected to show amazing increases.

If you’re thinking it’s all about cute babies and weird cats, think again!  The statistics are alarming, 93% of marketers use video for:

  • Online marketing
  • Sales
  • Communications

Online video marketing and production is a huge phenomenon and an untapped channel for reaching clients.  Over 78% of people watch videos on line every week, 55% of people watch videos online every day, and here’s the clincher, more than 80% of senior executives watch more video today than they did a year ago!

Simply putting [VIDEO] in the subject line of an email gets an open rate of an alarming 19%.

Why Video For Your Business?

Video is the future of content marketing. As online video continues its incredible rise it soon will become the key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs.  Small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will miss out on the opportunity to:

Talk to a large and engaged audience

Immensely improve your online visibility

Attract and generate leads

Earn credibility, authority and expert in your field or product; and most importantly,

Drive sales…when people can watch you, they come to know, like and trust you!

Video for business

It’s Easier Than You Think

Our simple 4 step process takes all the worry out of your shoot so you can shine as the star and tell the world about your amazing brand.

Video Production

The Shoot – there is very little preparation and minimal interruption to your business on the day of the shoot.  The videographer will arrive at the scheduled time and place and guide your through the process.  Relax, it will be fun!

Approve & Download – Your personal video production portal has a private screening room for you to review and provide feedback on your video.  Once you approve the video it will be available for download immediately.

Questionnaire – Complete a short 10 minute form with some basic information regarding your video such as:

  • date, time, location
  • name of persons to be interview (where appropriate)
  • general questions about your business, product or service – the answers you provide help our creative team plan a unique and engaging video.  You can edit these details up to 48 hours prior to the shoot

Your Dedicated Producer – within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire, a producer will be assigned to you.  They will be assigned to your video and will be managing all the logistics of your shoot from start to finish.

Video Production Directors Chair

That’s it!  It really is that easy!

Next Steps – Marketing Your Video

Now that you have your high quality, professional video it’s time to share your video.

If you’ve been able to connect with our Strategy Planning and Consulting you’ll have a plan on where to share and promote your videos to attract traffic, leads, exposure and most importantly, increase sales.

We’ll help you set up your video marketing!

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