Lead Generation & Follow Up Campaigns

Lead generation and follow up campaigns are extremely powerful.  The process is to first capture leads for your business then follow up with them to nurture a strong and healthy relationship with your subscribers.

Simply put, capturing and generating leads is the process of pointing your customers in the right direction to get more information on what they are looking for.  Today, this is called “opting in” on your website, landing page or social sites.  When an interested customer wants to find out more information about your products or services your lead generation system comes into play.

This will not only help to build your brand but it will educate your customers on your products or services and more importantly, it will help to drive more sales.

The ultimate purpose for your website is to connect with your audience or target market.  Lead generation and follow up campaigns should be an important aspect of your website design.

Being on the first page of Google is of little value if you’re not staying in contact with your prospects or your customers.

Lead Generation and Follow Up Campaign

Your Lead Generation & Follow Up Strategy

Offer is better than a pitch

We’ll help you create an easy strategy that is designed just for your business.

A lead generating website – so you can capture and nurture new business leads right from your website.

An email marketing strategy – with offers, content, newsletters, and tips highlighting interesting and valuable information that will contribute to long-term relationship building.

Follow up campaigns – design appropriate follow up campaigns with an auto responder system, call to action forms and opt in forms that will encourage your customers to stay in touch with you long term.

Social media advertising and offers – use social media to engage with your subscribers and host exclusive promotions, contests, and surveys on your social sites.

The key to any successful business is staying in touch with your prospects and customers.

Benefits of a Lead Generation and Follow Up Program

There are many, many benefits to having a strategic lead generation or capture and follow up campaign.  A side from it being a very worthwhile marketing strategy it is vital for businesses of all sizes for the following reasons:

An easy way to reach customers – with mobile phones and tablet every one can be easily reached without investing a lot, unlike the traditional way of advertising in television, radio, or direct mail.

An effective way to keep customers informed – subscribing to a product email list or connecting via social media is a way for consumers to stay informed and connected about your products and services. And, it’s easy!

Coupons drive sales – everyone loves a coupon that saves them money and an email campaign or social media promotion makes it super easy to do.

Easy to customize and integrate – a simple branded signup email or social media connection makes it easy to integrate into any campaign series.

It’s inexpensive – the best reason to use lead generation and follow up programs is it’s easy, effective, and inexpensive.  Business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and coaches can reach a large number of customers, clients, or prospects for just pennies per message.

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