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YES! Social media marketing is important to YOUR business.  Not only business owners should take the social media presence seriously, but it is also vital to entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and coaches.

These days, it isn’t enough to just have a website (even an awesome one)!  In this day and age, relationships are more important than ever.  Social networks allow you to scale those relationships and keep them fresh with new content and conversations.

Social Networks are the “buzz”.  They have changed the way people research and make buying decisions.  It’s a platform where you can directly interact with your customers.  Your customers can recommend you,  ask questions and you can inform them of new products and/or services.  Plus, run promotions that can generate new business from your specific targeted community to anywhere in the world. Where else can you have that kind of exposure for your business?

Social media is not just one platform!  Your business can build a relationship on many platforms, run promotions and get exposure from several social media platforms.  How sweet is that?

Yes, social media is critical to your business!

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Increase Sales – when you stay in front of your customer base you learn about your market and  you can create coupons, coupon codes, promotions, etc. any incentive for your clients to buy.  Make them available on every social media channel.  You’ll be surprised at how many people will take you up on your offers.

Brand Recognition – you get to see your target market, up close and personal.  Hear what they are talking about, know what their needs are and tailor your products/services accordingly.  Your target market will soon know your product and/or service just by your brand.

Improved Brand Loyalty – people are receptive to your message because they can come to know, like and trust who YOU really are.

Opportunities to Convert Clients to Customers –  you’ll find customers who are looking for your products/services but you didn’t know they existed until someone “tweeted” your awesomeness, or shared an ad from “Facebook”, or “Instagram” , or searched your “LinkedIn” page, or watched a “YoutTube” video in their newsfeed.

Drives Traffic – to your website, your store, your books, your training or whatever you’re sharing or promoting on your social platform(s). However, it’s important to have a website that’s legitimate and customers actually want to spend time visiting.

Richer Customer Experience – this is without a doubt, the best aspect of social media.  Build deeper relationships with people who come to know, like, trust and promote YOU.  Social media allows YOU the opportunity to show how much you care about THEM.

You Are In The Right Place IF…


You know you need to be using social media for visibility and marketing online…but you don’t know HOW.


You’re frustrated because the social platforms are ALWAYS changing and you feel it takes up too much time, effort and energy, and it takes YOU away from the business you need to be managing.


Your looking for opportunities to tap into so you can boost your leads and sales but you don’t have millions of dollars to run traditional ad campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Components

Social Media Management – Made Simple

Social Media Management Made Simple
We’ll start building your social media presence with a dead simple, easy and effective plan that includes:

The Components – we’ll help you determine which social media sites and/or platforms are appropriate for your business as a business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert or coach.

The Content – we’ll help you set up the business social profiles, brand and design, design graphics, gather appropriate articles, videos and marketing materials for your target market.

The Order – we’ll help you introduce each channel appropriately, how they will integrated and connect them to your website.


At Ocean Blue Media we’ll set up your social sites, help you nurture them, connect with audiences and cultivate relationships that will help feed your marketing funnel.

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