Strategy Planning and Consulting

At Ocean Blue Media, we help you define your business’s online blueprint with strategy planning and consulting!  We all know customers are searching online all the time, but can they find YOU? Does your business brand have a road map or blueprint of where you’re going and how you’ll get there?

We understand many business owners’ time is spread over a million things, spending time and money on a variety of tactics and activities that are not their primary focus can be frustrating and overwhelming.

We can help you focus on just the stuff that is working. The things that is serving your customers, generating sales and then build it incrementally to control your costs.  We integrate all the elements so they amplify each other – website, search engines, video, and social media.

Strategy Planning and Consulting

What and How We Evaluate

We’ll evaluate your current online web presence – from your website, blog, and traffic solutions to your use of social media sites.  We’ll walk you through the results, tell you what you’re doing that’s HOT and generating you traffic… and what’s NOT working! 🙁

The evaluation will provide:


Complete market assessment of your online presence which includes your website, video, social media, search engine optimization


Which elements are currently working and which ones need to be addressed for use in your market space


Where to start in making adjustments and changes so you can get out there and get found, engage and followup.


How to build out your program incrementally so you can control your costs

In the end, we give you honest feedback and recommendations. Show you how you can develop a custom approach for your business to leverage the online marketing social media platforms.

Your Online Blueprint


As trained social media consultants, we are committed to to helping you develop your online presence and visibility.  So, we want to take you through it one step at a time.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Before we start building your branded website, social media platform, blog site and online marketing program it is very important to create an initial plan to:


DEVELOP a comprehensive blueprint plan of your online marketing program


ORGANIZE it so you can take it one step at a time


BUILD out the program incrementally so you can control your cost and measure the results.

And, it’s yours to keep for reference.

You can build it out yourself, or we can assist you in building it, or we can build it for you – whatever works best for you and your business! 

Either way, you have a comprehensive plan for your online marketing program.

The objective is to establish a presence in every relevant channel, engage with your prospects and customers on their turf and follow up with them continuously to create deep awareness, interest and social authority and trust.


is what you do before
you do something so that
when you do it, it is


~A. A. Milne